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bat surveys

Do you need practical professional advice surrounding bats in buildings, trees or other potential habitats?


Do your plans for development include habitats where bats may be present?

What we can do for you:

The presence of bats can frequently be an issue that affects development, but timely expert help can ensure that the needs of bats are accommodated by development proposals; minimising the risk of unforeseen delays and ensuring compliance with legislation and planning policy.


EPR has high expertise in bat ecology, and our experienced team of licensed bat ecologists can survey buildings and all other structures, and evaluate foraging and roosting habitats for bats and hibernation sites. We also have an excellent track record of successfully designing mitigation and obtaining licences from Natural England to permit works to proceed.  We have considerable experience, alongside our sister company The Natural Greenspace Company, in implementing bat mitigation strategies.


EPR staff are experienced at undertaking more detailed and larger (landscape-scale) bat surveys for research projects and Environmental Impact Assessments. We also have the experience to use more in depth assessment techniques when required such as radio telemetry and design of more complex mitigation where this is required.


EPR bat related services include:

  • Internal and external inspection by our ecologists to identify potential roost features (buildings, trees, bridges, culverts, caves etc) and to look for signs of bats (buildings can be surveyed at any time of year, but trees are best surveyed in the winter);


  • Bat activity surveys, including fixed point, and either walked or driven transect surveys carried out by surveyors with bat detectors;


  • Static bat surveys using automated bat detectors;


  • Emergence surveys to determine if bats emerge from roosts at dusk or return at dawn. The extent of surveys required will be dependant on the findings of the inspection surveys. Emergence surveys are undertaken during the core activity period (May - August);


  • More advanced bat surveys that require particular specialist knowledge and skills, such as capture and release surveys utilising mist netting, harp traps or radio tracking; and


  • The production of bat mitigation strategies to prevent negative effects on bats, deliver enhancements or obtain Natural England European Protected Species Licences to enable works to proceed.

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