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bird surveys

What we can do for you:

Our ecological consultants can undertake the full range of bird surveys, including breeding bird surveys, winter bird surveys (including intertidal counts for coastal projects) and flight-line surveys using our own team of ornithologists or by calling upon and overseeing experienced bird surveyors located around the country in order to bring in local knowledge and make savings for our clients.


We have particular expertise in coastal bird surveys, and have extensive experience of intertidal winter bird surveys, particularly related to European designated Special Protection Areas (SPAs).  We are able to interpret and apply such data in the context of the Habitats Regulations and undertake Habitats Regulations Assessments (including Appropriate Assessment).


We also offer an Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) service for developers, which can identify the presence of nesting birds on a development site so that projects can accommodate and work around these, in order to reduce the risks of accidental infringement of the legislation that affords them protection.

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