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Phil is an extremely accomplished ecologist and town planner with over 30 years experience of the interface between nature conservation and planning human environments.  Phil’s sure footing in both ecology and strategic and local planning enables his rounded approach to dealing with ecological issues in any planning context.  He has extensive experience in Ecological Impact Assessment of major infrastructure, large scale residential developments, and conservation projects.  He has presented expert evidence at over 40 Public Inquiries/EiPs for commercial clients, conservation organisations, and Local Authorities.  Phil is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MCIEEM) and currently sits on their Board.


Phil Colebourn - Chairman

Ben is a Chartered Ecologist and environmental planner with particular expertise in Habitat Regulations/ Appropriate Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal.  Ben carries out a variety of survey and assessment work and is a Natural England licenced surveyor of Dormice, Sand Lizard and Smooth Snake, but also has particular experience in addressing the effects of proposals on Natura 2000 sites. These include the effects of residential development on the Thames Basin, Dorset and Wealden Heaths Special Protection Areas (SPAs), the design of large scale Green Infrastructure proposals and SANG, and the assessment of the effects of air pollution on the habitats of designated sites.  Ben is an experienced Expert Witness.


Ben Kite - Managing Director

Karen is a highly experienced ecologist, with over 20 years in ecological planning, providing realistic advice aimed at achieving a positive outcome as efficiently as possible. She led the team of experts which wrote the Ecological Impact Assessment Guidelines for the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and has recently become a Fellow of the Institute.  She has managed and written many Ecological Impact Assessments and Appropriate Assessments. In recent years she has taken a particular interest in the evolution of mitigation requirements for development near the Thames Basin Heaths SPA. She has presented evidence as an expert witness at over 30 public inquiries/EiPs.

Karen Colebourn - Director/Principal Ecological Consultant

Alison Hogan - Director/Principal Ecological Consultant

Alison has over 20 years experience as a professional ecologist having undertaken many Ecological Impact Assessments. Alison has designed and implemented ecological mitigation for large-scale infrastructure projects and routinely provides advice in relation to large-scale residential developments.  She has provided information for Appropriate Assessment, has assisted in Strategic Environmental Assessments, and has prepared and given evidence as an Expert Witness. Alison's pragmatic approach combined with her thorough understanding of the UK planning process, enables her to provide robust advice to clients, ensuring the best possible chance of success.

Rebecca is an experienced ecologist with particular expertise in site promotion, Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment.  She has been involved in the assessment of recreational impacts on SPAs, SACs, SSSIs and other open space and has extensive experience in large-scale visitor and resident questionnaire survey, and the design of bespoke Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) for residential developments.  Rebecca leads the GIS section at EPR and through GIS Rebecca has developed our ability to analyse, mitigate and manage conflicts between sensitive European designated site features and public access associated with residential development.

Rebecca Brookbank - Director/Principal Ecological Consultant

David is an experienced ecologist and has extensive experience of working on a range of projects including large residential schemes and infrastructure projects. He is experienced in Ecological Impact Assessment, Habitat Regulations Assessment and protected species issues, and has a particular expertise in relation to birds.  David enjoys problem solving when novel ecological issues arise on client’s sites.  Having been a charity trustee and chair, he has also helped charities produce business plans and raise funds.  David is a member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (MCIEEM) and he sits on the CIEEM UK Overseas Territories committee. He also sat on the CIEEM working group that revised the latest guidelines on Preliminary Ecological Appraisals.

David Smith - Director (Eastern Region)/Principal Ecological Consultant

James Richards - Finance & Business Director

James is a qualified ecologist with over 10 years of ecological consultancy experience, prior to qualifying as a Management Accountant in 2010.   He has extensive experience in Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessments, and this enhances his role in managing the business and financial elements of the Company.  James' unique combination of experience and skills also provides benefits for our clients through for example the development of cost plans and financial forecasts for SANG areas, as well as writing delivery mechanism documents to set out how funding for the long-term management of land can be arranged and secured.

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