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ecology and air quality

Assessing the effects of changes in air quality on sensitive habitats can be pivotal in ensuring the success of certain types of planning applications, particularly those which generate significant emissions.

We have considerable experience in assessing how predicted changes in air quality will affect a variety of ecological receptors, including habitats which are protected at a national and international level (SSSI/SAC/SPA).  We have collaborated closely with a number of air quality consultants, and have built up considerable experience in understanding air quality issues.


We understand and are able to use air quality modelling data to map the spatial extent over which air quality impacts will occur and assess whether the predicted change in air quality will result in a likely significant effect on a receptor habitat.  We are able to combine this with our expertise in Habitats Regulations Assessment and much of our work in this area has involved examining effects on European designated sites.


We have worked on a number of projects where air quality has been a key ecological issue, and have successfully negotiated and assessed what is often a complex area of work.  These projects have included waste to energy plants, biomass power stations and the effects of increases in road traffic.

Air Quality modelling maps such as this one, can show how predicted levels of pollutants relate to the locations of particularly sensitive habitats or species; enabling appropriate mitigation to be taken as appropriate.

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