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Kings Lynn Energy from Waste

Cory Environmental

EPR was commissioned to assess the effects of a proposed energy from waste facility upon a range of sites designated for nature conservation purposes; in particular, the effects of emissions to air upon the Roydon Common and Dersingham Bog Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Roydon Common Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).  This involved working closely with a multidisciplinary consultant team, particularly the air quality consultants.


We presented evidence at Public Inquiry and were able to conclude that the proposals were not likely to have a significant effect upon the SSSI/SAC either alone or in combination with other plans and projects, a conclusion endorsed by Norfolk County Council, Natural England and the Environment Agency.

The Mill at Shawford – Ecological Impact Assessment

Private Client

EPR prepared an Ecological Impact assessment to accompany an application to restore The Mill at Shawford on the River Itchen for Hydropower uses.  This involved a detailed assessment of the River Itchen including: the habitats and species which it supports; the reasons for designation; the river channel characteristics; and, the existing hydrological conditions.  Potential impacts were then considered and a suite of impact avoidance mitigation measures was devised in order to reduce impacts to non-significant levels.  Habitat enhancement measures were also proposed.

Biomass Power Station, Southampton

Helius Energy

EPR contributed to the EIA for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project for a proposed 100Mw biomass powered energy generating plant in Southampton Docks. We produced the ecology chapter of the ES, together with providing information towards a Habitats Regulations Assessment. The HRA included a careful assessment of the potential air quality effects on sensitive habitats. Our assessment resulted in changes being made to the scheme to reduce the risk of negative effects on ecological receptors associated with the New Forest SAC.

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