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green infrastructure implementation

Our Natural Greenspace Team has considerable experience in delivering Green Infrastructure (GI) on many of our client's development sites.

As well as designing and securing planning consent for GI such as SANG, we also have experience of implementing these areas on the ground.  This includes both the initial laying out of the GI and the long term management of the assets.


We have a dedicated in-house team of field operatives and experienced Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) who are well practiced at delivering GI in an effective and cost efficient manner.


The ecological grounding that all our staff have means that they understand constraints associated with seasons, weather, soils and other factors that can have an impact on the efficacy of seeding and tree and hedgerow planting, and know how to address these constraints to help avoid costly stock failures.The services that we offer include the following:



  • Woodland creation and management (including tree and scrub planting, and ground flora establishment);


  • Planting or translocation of native species-rich hedgerows, and their subsequent management through traditional methods such as laying;


  • Wildflower-rich grassland establishment or enhancement (e.g. with wildflower seeding or green hay strewing);


  • Planning and oversight of traditional grazing regimes for nature conservation;


  • Pond creation and planting of native aquatic, marginal and riparian plants;



  • Installation of kissing gates, styles, waymarkers, benches, bins etc;


  • Production of interpretation and information boards;



We have now designed and delivered a large number of high-profile areas of Green Infrastructure in conjunction with development, for both amenity and nature conservation purposes. A recent example, was the Langley Mead Nature Reserve near Reading, which received positive coverage in the local press and from the Local Wildlife Trust.


We also employ a Chartered Management Accountant, and are therefore also able to provide advice on the long term funding of GI, including innovative funding mechanisms design to save our clients money.

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