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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is one of the most effective and cost efficient methods of mapping, monitoring and analysing data that has a geographical or spatial aspect.

By combining ecological expertise with GIS technology, we have developed techniques to improve how data is collected, analysed and presented.  Our ecologists and GIS team work closely to achieve the best outputs to form a significant part of planning and conducting fieldwork, and then creating quality maps for the final reports.  All maps are created using ESRI ArcMap, and we can provide data in many formats including Excel, ArcMap, MapInfo and CAD.


Whatever your requirements, our GIS team has the expertise and resources to provide you with high quality, reliable and informative maps.  Ranging from identifying the location of a site amongst protected sites, to suites of maps showing powerful analyses such as density maps of visitor footfall or species records.


We believe that information displayed graphically can often be much more powerful and informative than traditional forms of reporting.  We are continually developing new ways to use technology to improve efficiencies and provide our output in a form that is most effective for our clients and other stakeholders.

Protected & notable species records maps are produced from data obtained from local record centres.  Usually provided in Excel format we plot relevant records that have been selected, so that their relevance to a project can be examined.

Site location maps show designated sites in relation to a proposal with buffers of significance.  We can source all data so you can be sure it is up-to-date and reliable.

We carry out visitor surveys, to determine walking routes by visitors.  We then digitise these routes to produce recreational pressure maps.  These are perfect for viewing hotspots & popular areas, and targeting mitigation or management efforts.

Habitats & feature maps show what is present on the ground.  We can also compare habitat areas to proposals, to give BREEAM and CSH calculations.

Our ecologists and GIS teams work closely to design SANG.  We liaise with Natural England to seek their approval ensuring the best chance of a successful planning application.

Our friendly, specialist GIS team can offer you an efficient, stress free service for your mapping requirements.  We offer standalone GIS services for clients and external consultancies.  Contact us for a fee proposal for the work needed to meet your requirements.


We can source the local records data, such as Local Wildlife Sites and protected species records.  Subject to any applicable data-sharing restrictions, all final data will be available in PDF, Excel, Shapefile or CAD.


Contact Ben Blowers on 01962 794 729 or email with details on your project for information on our GIS services and pricing.

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