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invertebrate surveys

Do you need practical professional advice on invertebrate issues or conservation?


Do your plans for development include nearby habitats where valuable invertebrate assemblages or individually protected invertebrate species may be present?

What we can do for you:

Invertebrates can be an important issue for a planning application and EPR can provide robust, credible survey data for both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates and advise on appropriate mitigation to satisfy policy and legal requirements. We employ specialist entomologists with in-depth knowledge of key groups of invertebrates of conservation interest, who can provide clear advice on how best to proceed with proposals for management or land use change.


We can provide general invertebrate surveys, sampling the range of niches used by invertebrates to provide data to inform an assessment of the value of the assemblage using Natural England’s Invertebrate Species-habitat Information System (ISIS), where appropriate.


Where appropriate, we are able to target our surveys to record particular groups of terrestrial invertebrates including saproxylic species, butterflies and moths, dragonflies, beetles or flies, for example. We can also survey for aquatic invertebrates, including sampling in rivers and ponds or the intertidal zone, or specific surveys for snails.


In addition, our ecologists have experience of working with certain rare and protected species such as Southern Damselfly, or those of conservation concern such as Stag Beetle; including producing management plans to enhance their conservation status, and delivering practical on the ground habitat enhancements.

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