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mammal surveys

Do you need practical professional advice on mammal issues?


Do your plans for development include nearby habitats where mammals that are protected or of conservation importance may be present?

What we can do for you:


In addition to survey and assessment for Hazel Dormice, EPR’s mammal specialists are able to offer a wide range of services in relation to other species of mammals, including:

  • Undertaking surveys for Badgers, including mapping setts and field signs, or more specialist bait marking surveys to help determine clan boundaries when development may diminish foraging resources;


  • Obtaining licences from Natural England where development may affect Badgers, to enable Badgers to be moved safely to an alternative location and setts to be closed if necessary;


  • Providing advice where Foxes have taken up residence in development sites, so that development can proceed without causing harm or cruelty;


  • Otter and Water Vole surveys, to inform management of riverine or riparian systems for conservation purposes, or where development may affect these habitats;


  • Obtaining Natural England European Protected Species Licences, for work which may affect Otters;


  • Surveys and assessment for other mammal species such as Pole Cats, Hedgehogs or Shrews (for example), to inform conservation management or for research purposes; and


  • The production of mitigation strategies or conservation management plans in relation to all of these species, to address potentially negative effects of development, or deliver biodiversity and conservation improvements.

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