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16th February 2016 - Nature regulates: ‘regulating services’ explained

The Benefits of Nature - How Nature Protects the Environment in which We Live -  Regulating Services Explained


What does nature mean to you? People talk about ‘regulating services’ – how natural processes are able to provide an environment that we can live in by reducing risks from hazards like flooding, drought, heat waves and pollution. Our farms, woods, rivers and gardens all play a critical role in our lives, health and wellbeing, whether we know it or not. In this film, people who work with nature describe how our natural environment protects us from natural hazards to maintain a safe environment in which we can live.


This film is part of a series of four films, produced by the University of Reading in association with the Loddon Catchment Partnership, to explain the terms Natural Capital and ecosystem services (provisioning, regulating and cultural services).   Examples are given through the stories told by people who work with nature across a range of sectors from farming to conservation charities, government organisations, universities and businesses like water companies, consultants, fisheries contractors and children's education providers.

Karen Haysom, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

Hannah Cloke, University of Reading

Mark Barnett, Environment Agency

Matthew Woodcock, Forestry Commission

Anne Verhoef, University of Reading

Charlotte Elliot, Natural England


For more information about the films, please contact Joanna Clark, University of Reading.

Films were made with funding from a Natural Environment Research Council Impact Accelerator Award (NE/L012839/1).

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