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January 2017 - The Ecological Opportunities of Green Belt Review

Challenging the false dichotomy between conservation and development


Credits - William Eichler, 13 January 2017


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A recent survey of ward councillors shows that increasing numbers believe it is likely that Green Belt land in their areas would be allocated to housing development in the next five years. Some of the concerns arise around how environmentally sustainable it is to build on land designated as part of the Green Belt.


EPR’s Managing Director, Ben Kite, spoke to William Eichler of LocalGov, the UK’s largest dedicated local government news website, and argued that not all of the Green Belt is green (parts are ‘overwhelmingly brown’), and that by taking a strategic approach to developing select sections of Green Belt designated land, local authorities would be able to raise funds to pay for making the Belt greener.


Ben says that rather than planning departments viewing ecological features of value as a potential constraint on development, they should ask: ‘What could development do to drive and fund improvements in those places?’.


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