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January 2017 - Ecological consultancy, training, Brexit, and the environmental measures that could make the most impact.

Envirotec addresses a few questions to EPR’s new managing director.


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Envirotech interviewed our Managing Director on current topics, including:


  • How did you come to be managing director of EPR?


  • What’s a typical day like?


  • Where do you see the most significant areas of growth in the field of ecological consultancy in the immediate future?


  • What type of skills do you think are most important to succeed in ecological consultancy?


  • Do you feel the role of an ecological consultancy is well understood by the public or potential clients?


  • What are the most challenging types of development or project calling upon your skills as an ecological consultancy?


  • How do you feel Brexit will reshape the world of ecological consultancy, and what are your feelings about it in relation to the environment?


  • What single measure or policy would you recommend as likely to have the biggest impact on the environment?


To read Ben's responses and the full article, click here -

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