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Creating Nature Recovery Networks to deliver measurable biodiversity net gains through the planning system


EPR’s bespoke ‘Planning for Wildlife’, service is designed to provide Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) with the ecological expertise necessary to create biodiversity strategies that tackle the increasingly-stringent requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the 25-Year Environment Plan.


The July 2018 updates to the NPPF are clear on ecological requirements: not only must plans actively strive to promote the restoration of priority habitats, ecological networks and the recovery of priority species, but they should secure measurable net gains for biodiversity (174b).


We understand that LPAs are hard-pressed to show the biodiversity gains required by the NPPF, against a backdrop of tight budgets and strong new housing targets.  Planning for Wildlife enables councils not only to demonstrate measureable net gains in biodiversity in their plans, but also a bespoke strategy for monitoring biodiversity enhancements in the longer term.

The service covers all aspects of creating a Nature Recovery Network, including:


• Analysing existing data using GIS, to identify key areas for protection and opportunities for restoration;

• Coordinating consultation with stakeholders, to ensure that all data is captured and maximise engagement;

• Agreeing a joint vision and setting achievable and measurable targets

• Identifying measures to avoid impacts on European Protected Sites and other important ecological features

• Measures to restore and create habitat networks

• Measures to restore and create ‘dark corridors’ for nocturnal wildlife

• Strategic measures for the protection of translocated common reptiles

• Engagement with stakeholders to deliver effective monitoring, review and progress reporting

• Production of advice for developers on how to deliver net gain through their Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS)


The service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an LPA.

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