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protected species survey

Protected species issues form a major part of the work that we undertake and we offer a full service in this area.

Protected species survey

Our specialist team of ecological consultants collectively hold Natural England survey licences for all the major protected species; including aquatic species such as White Clawed Crayfish, bats, birds (including Barn Owl), Dormice, Great Crested Newts, various invertebrates, Badger, Water Vole, Otter and other mammals and Reptiles.  These species are most frequently affected by development, however, our experience extends to others less commonly encountered. We are highly experienced in surveying to current best practice guidelines such as those published by the Bat Conservation Trust and Natural England.


Protected species licensing

We have an excellent track record in successfully obtaining the necessary development licences for European protected species from Natural England, principally for bats, Great Crested Newts and Dormice.


We keep fully up to date with changes in the licensing procedures and current thinking at Natural England, particularly recent measures designed to streamline the process.


Protected species mitigation

We routinely prepare and implement mitigation strategies for protected species (such as bats, reptiles & newts), including those under licence. Our specialist ecologists are able to design and implement successful mitigation which ensures that consents are successfully obtained and that biodiversity interests are maintained and where possible enhanced.  Our experience includes habitat creation/restoration, management planning, translocations and provision of protected species mitigation.

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