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reptile surveys

What we can do for you:

EPR has extensive experience in this area, from carrying out reptile surveys to developing and agreeing a mitigation strategies with Natural England and Local Authorities.


Survey usually involves a habitat assessment, followed (in the warmer months) by the strategic placement of artificial reptile refuges which are then subject to a series of follow up visits to see whether reptiles are present.


In addition to the above, we are able to identify and secure receptor sites and undertake translocations of animals from development sites to alternative habitat, and also deliver any habitat management and creation that may be required.


We also offer an Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) service to development sites where reptiles may be present and if necessary to supervise the clearance of vegetation, so that harm to these species can be avoided during works.


EPR staff hold Natural England survey licences for Smooth Snake and Sand Lizard (both European Protected Species), and are also trained in the safe handling methods for Adder that are needed to ensure the welfare of both the animal and the surveyor/handler when working with this species.

Do you need practical professional advice on reptile issues?


Do your plans for development include nearby habitats such as tussocky grassland, scrub, heathland or woodland edges and glades, where reptiles may be present?

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