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strategic environmental assessment/sustainability appraisal

Our in-house team of experts includes both specialist ecologists and environmental assessors with experience of both leading and contributing to Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) projects.



On behalf of Developers:

-    We can assist with the promotion of sites for allocation, by engaging with planning authorities and making effective representations in relation to SA/SEA during the consultation periods that occur during the production of a development plan. This often involves demonstrating how a site can deliver biodiversity benefits in conjunction with development that would not otherwise be realised.

-    We can provide advice on how a site master plan, layout or boundary can be adapted in view of any ecological constraints or opportunities that are present. This will help your proposal to perform well when tested against ecology related sustainability objectives by the planning authority in their SA/SEA, and may improve performance against competing potential locations for development.

-    We can help you to making effective representations to an Inspector at an Examination in Public (EiP), to promote a potential development location and ensure that its merits are given fair consideration.


On behalf of Local Authorities:

-    We can undertake the compilation of ecological baseline data for inclusion into a scoping report.

-    We can assess the effects of the plan or programme, or any alternative options, upon ecology and nature conservation interests.

-    We can provide ecological inputs into a Sustainability Appraisal assessment matrix.


In addition to our own ecological background, we also have a network of contacts with technical expertise in the various different environmental subject areas that contribute towards an effective SA/SEA, and are able to collaborate as necessary to meet your requirements for interdisciplinary assessments.

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